Discover how IMPALA has impacted each university of the consortium

In Colombia

IMPALA in Universidad de Antioquia: results of the institutional reports
IMPALA in Universidad Católica de Colombia: the project YOMASA
IMPALA in Universidad de La Sabana: results of the 2 pilot projects
IMPALA in Pontificia Universidad Javeriana: results of the 3rd mission institutional report

In Cuba

IMPALA in Universidad de Camagüey: the Artificial Intelligence research institute
IMPALA in Universidad de Holguín: the university’ scientific park
IMPALA in Universidad Agraria de La Habana: results of the 2 pilot projects

In Panama

IMPALA in UDELAS: the Interdisciplinary Center for Care and Research in Education and Health
IMPALA in UDELAS: the Research Center on Education in Indigenous People
IMPALA in Universidad de Panamá: the women resocialization and reincorporation programme