Cuba hosts the final conference of the project IMPALA

From November 6 to 9, the final conference of the international project IMPALA: Fortalecimiento del impacto de las universidades latinoamericanas (Strengthening of the impact of Latin American universities) will be held in Havana, Cuba.

The event, sponsored by the European Union’s ERASMUS+ programme, will include the participation of managers, academics and scientists, representatives of European and Latin American higher education, as well as managers of international cooperation.

The Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Cuba, together with the four Cuban universities of the IMPALA consortium, will host the conference, whose central theme will be: “the 3rd mission as a contribution to university development.” Participants will be welcomed to what will undoubtedly be a special moment of reflection on the management of the third university mission, the effective link between the university and its environment and the measurement of its impact, and the support of international cooperation and project financing programs to all these efforts. It will also reflect on good practices and knowledge, built throughout the project and on the results obtained.

The institutions of the countries linked to the project: Belgium, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Italy, Panama and Portugal, jointly celebrate the strengthening and diversification of bilateral cooperation in the university order, a fact that is also recognized as a result of IMPALA.

Prestigious authorities of the Ministry of Higher Education, as well as representatives of national and international organizations and the accredited diplomatic body will be present at the conference and will contribute, from their knowledge and expertise, to the good development of the event as well as to a successful closure of the project IMPALA.