Typologies report is presented to the Board of Directors of the Catholic University of Colombia

At the end of April, the third mission’s typologies report, prepared by the Extension Directorate as a product of the third packet of the IMPALA project, was presented in first place to the board of directors of the university. The following are those who attended said meeting; dean Dr. Fransisco Gómez Ortiz, quality manager Dr. Cecilia Garzón,  vice chancellor of human talent Dr. Ricardo López and acting academic dean Dr. Carolina Arguello. In addition, the aforementioned report was presented in full to the university’s extension committee in which all university collaborators involved in the third mission participate. It should be noted that each chapter of the report was presented by the actors of each of the six typologies recognised in the impact measurement document of the third mission of the project, as well as by the national extension policy in Colombia, namely: continuing education, innovation management, community actions, assistance services, cultural management and advisory and consulting services.

It is important to note that the typologies report is a fundamental tool for the university in so far as it shows the outreach directions, its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as the good practices of this substantive function. Finally, the document provides interesting recommendations which can be implemented in the university with the goal to continue consolidating the third mission.