Top managers’ meetings in the University of Panama

The University of Panama is hosting the regional conference of the Erasmus+ project IMPALA on 10 and 11 May 2022.

The staff involved in the project is meeting the university’s top management to present the project and one of the results of IMPALA: the institutional impact assessment report.

Ph.D. Ricardo PARKER, General Secretary of the University of Panama, Mgter Vielka CASTILLO from the General Secretariat; Ph.D. Yajaira CASTILLO, Deputy General Secretary and Ph.D. Maribel GÓMEZ from the academic vice-rectorate.

There was a meeting with Ing. Eldis BARNES, Dean of the faculty of agriculture and livestock sciences at the University of Panama. During the regional conference, one of the faculty’s projects will be presented in a panel on good practices of the university’s third mission.

The IMPALA team of the University of Panama also met with Mgter. Arnold MUÑOZ, administrative vice-rector of the University.

The team also met with PhD. Nimia HERRERA GUILLÉN, Director of lifelong-learning education of the third mission’s vice-rectorate. She will participate in a panel on good practices of the university’s third mission during the regional conference.