The project IMPALA participates in important international events

In the month of October, the IMPALA project was presented at different international events. This is the case of the CAEI (Congress of the Americas on International Education), which was attended by 1,100 delegates and representatives of higher education institutions, associations, and national, regional, and international organizations, as well as government and private sector entities from 40 countries. In this event, Patricia Serrano and Marcela Del Campo presented the poster: “IMPALA: Alianza internacional para el fortalecimiento de la extensión universitaria” (“IMPALA: International Alliance for the Strengthening of University Extension”.)

During the same month, Marcela Del Campo presented the paper. IMPALA: Modelo de evaluación de impacto de la extensión universitaria (Impact evaluation model of university extension) in the XVI international congress of the Latin American Extension Union. This event received more than 2,500 participants from Latin America and the Caribbean, meaning our project had high visibility. The aforementioned congress had, as its main objective, to contribute to the critical reflection of the work of Extension and Social Action of Latin American universities through the exchange of knowledge and experiences of different actors of the Latin American university and civil community regarding the challenges of the regional context.

It is in this way that the IMPALA project continues to gain visibility both nationally and internationally. In 2022, we will continue with the task of presenting the progress of the projects to all those interested in the third mission.