Presentation of the impact assessment framework of the third mission from IMPALA at an International event

On November 5th, Marcela Del Campo, Coordinator of the IMPALA project at the Catholic University of Colombia, presented the first version of the impact assessment framework of the third IMPALA mission at the international event called: “conception, management and measurement of extension”. This event was held on November 5th within the framework of the close relationship between the National Extension Network of ASCUN and the Mexican Network of University Extension ANUIES.

The event was attended by a large group of extension education workers from various countries in Central and South America, as follows: 59 Mexican participants, 4 Argentine participants, 4 Panamanian participants, 23 Colombians, 4 Guatemalans and 20 Chilean participants.

The presentation of the project was received with great enthusiasm and, from that moment on, various options have been requested to continue sharing the project and its achievements.