Yet another phase of the IMPALA project will take place next week from March 4 – 6, 2020 at NOVA University

A group of almost 50 senior higher education directors and members of top management of Education Ministries of Colombia, Panama and Cuba will convene at Nova School of Business & Economics in Carcavelos, Portugal for a training workshop on the application of the Impact Assessment Framework provided by specialists and instructors of the Erasmus+ IMPALA Project consortium members from Italy, Spain and Portugal.

The workshop will cover a presentation of the Impact Assessment Framework design, and the approved projects that will be pursued by each of the participant institutions, as previously developed in earlier phases of the Project. The Seminar will then turn to cover the specific goal of sharing highest level institutional leaders in how to determine the best objectives for an organisation and how to identify who their key stakeholders are in any particular mission. 

The seminar will also share best practices for the use of Key Performance Indicators and how to monitor, evaluate and communicate the effects of the impact achieved.

The expected outcome is that these leaders will leave with the sound knowledge on how to best accompany the projects in progress and draw the best results from the organisation´s efforts in their third mission.