A new IMPALA workshop takes place in Holguin, Cuba

Today, November 25th, the IMPALA workshop began with the presentation of value chains and indicators for each type of Third Mission typology, which related to the four established dimensions: social, economic, knowledge and environmental.   

Monday November 25th and Tuesday 26th the leading group will meet with the aim of creating a measurement influence model for the Third Mission.  

Next Wednesday, November 27th, a coordination meeting will be held, and the 19 committee partners will attend.

Finally, on November 28th and 29th the entire group will begin the Training for teachers in the practical application of the IAF (Impact Assessment Framework) workshop. The aim of which is to offer theoretical contributions, practical experience, sources and examples related to project management in a culture of impact creation.

Concepts related to projects, their coordination will also be discussed, and their main phases analyzed.

The training workshop on the application of the Impact Assessment Framework, which will be addressed to inspection organisms, and senior directors of higher education institutions will be held in Lisboa, Portugal, in March 2020.