The second IMPALA workshop was developed at ESADE Business School

The Workshop 1.2 “Impact Evaluation and its Integration to the Quality Control System in an IES” was held successfully on May 7 and 9 at the ESADE Business School, Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.


On this occasion doctors Christophe Terrasse of the EFMD and Josep Sayeras of ESADE Business School gave the workshop. A total of 20 representatives of Cuban institutions; 24 Colombians and 8 Panamanians were present at this second meeting of the IMPALA ERASMUS + project. Professors H. Ribero and N. Macedo from the University of Porto also participated as mentors and collaborators in that workshop.

4 different groups were formed by a representative of each institution. Each
group was the responsible of analyzing the different factors that could influence directly and indirectly the impact in order to reach a method of measuring it.


During the day before and after this workshop, different presentations of the relationship between ESADE and the third mission of that institution were developed. The experiences explained were the ESADE Social Antenna, the University Development Service program, the Institute of Social Responsibility and the department or Social Sciences.