During the second week of May the workshop will be published in the ESADE Business School (Integrated Center of the Ramón Llull University) “Training on impact measurement tolos and methodologies” included in WorkPlan 1 “Understanding of Impact Evaluation in Higher Education Institutions”. This workshop is aimed at representatives of the 13 Latin American universities that are part of the Erasmus + IMPALA Project.


The participants of this seminar already have a good knowledge of the meaning of the 3rd mission of the universities means and the goals of this seminar are the following ones: first of all to introduce the participants in the measurement tools for the concepts introduced in the seminar that took place last February in Bogotá. And second goal is to train participants to be able to develop and select relevant indicators, collect information and analyze and develop data and information.

ESADE building, where the Training on impact measurement tools and methodologies will be developed.

Likewise, the participants will analyze in detail the impact dimensions that should be taken into account when analyzing the impact of their institution from the point of view of the 3rd mission. The dimensions that are going to be analyzed are:

  1. Intellectual (covers research and teaching aspects)
  2. Financial (all that deals with the direct economic impact of the U, salaries, expenses of the students….)
  3. Economic (covers all job creation and entrepreneurship, ecosystem….)
  4. Social and societal (links with the society, cultural, charity, community involvement)

This activity will be the previous step to the seminar that will be developed in the Agrarian University of Havana in Mayabequé, where the participants will have to put into practice what they have learned in ESADE.